In the fall of 2000, Bertrand Raynaud, president of the prestigious porcelain maker, Raynaud of Limoges, asked Thomas Keller to design a new line of porcelain. Working with Calistoga, California designers Cliff Morgan and David Hughes, Keller has created more than fifty pieces for the wholesale and retail market—plates, bowls and serviceware that have been designed from a food point of view, rather than for dining room aesthetics.

These elegant, brilliant white, porcelain pieces include the perfect risotto dish, a bowl plate hybrid, as well as the biggest buffet plate Raynaud has ever produced. Other designs include elegant oval plates and liners, soup bowls with cloches, platters, serving bowls and pasta bowls, as well as a myriad of traditional shapes. The new line, which was launched on October 30, 2003, marks the first time a chef’s vision has determined the shape of a plate. Now available at Gump's in San Francisco (800.766.7628) and at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City (212.753.7300).

Bon Appétit!

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